7 Key Pieces of Advice For When Moving House

Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2017

7 Key Pieces of Advice For When Moving House

1. Bin it, or recycle it.

No matter how long you've spent in a property you're bound to have at least a few boxes filled with items that you promised yourself you'd sort through when you moved into the house you're currently preparing to leave. Now is the time to go through those boxes. Grab yourself a drink, settle down with the boxes, away from any distractions such as the television, computer or your mobile phone, and concentrate on sifting through everything. It's highly likely you haven't even thought of the items in these boxes since you last moved house, so don't be tempted to save them, you'll simply have the exact same problem at your next property! Website such as Gumtree & eBay are your friend in situations like this, along with local charity shops who would be thrilled to receive donations.


2. Be organised.

If you're relying on a professional moving company rather than friends & family, it pays to be super organised. Taping names to doors to assist removal people is a great way to ensure they know exactly where they're going. A handy floor plan layout may also be a good idea, both for the old & new house so everyone is aware where everything should go when the move is completed.


3. Package fragile items with care.

Yes, it may sound like common sense, but you'd be amazed at the amount of people who don't do this. Breakables need to be packaged with a lot of TLC. That doesn't have to mean with expensive packaging, the free newspaper that you've been meaning to throw out for weeks will suffice, & bubble wrap is readily available in cheaper stores such as poundland & can be a god send, particularly with picture frames, glasses and the like. You could even utilise sofa cushions!


4. Use smaller boxes for books.

If you have a fair collection of books at home it's advisable to package them up in smaller boxes as opposed to stuffing them all in a large box. Why, you ask? Books are incredibly heavy, & there's nothing worse on moving day than having to lug endless large boxes filled with books down stairs at your old property & then upstairs when they arrive at your new property. Smaller, more compact boxes will make the process so much easier.


5. Colour code boxes.

It can be time consuming to go around each room, scribbling the room name onto each of the many boxes you may find yourself with. A great idea to make this a little easier is to simply colour code each room, whether the scribble of a coloured pencil or felt tip, or better yet with a coloured sticker. Your removal helpers, & most importantly your future self, will thank you for it. Also, when doing this, make sure you pop the colour on the SIDE of the box, not the TOP. When everything is stored in the back of a van you're more likely to see the side of the boxes!


6. Store any nails/screws safely.

When taking down furniture to put into removal vans make sure you keep all the fittings together, especially for items such as your bed which will most probably be the first thing you want to set up when you get into your new home. Simply taping any screws & nails together with cellotape should suffice, but make sure you make a note of what they're for so as not to cause a kerfuffle when you get to the new place.


7. Don't neglect your pets.

Yes, moving house is incredibly stressful for us humans, but just consider for one moment how anxiety inducing it can be for your pets. If you're able to, it could be a good idea to pop them into a cattery/kennels, or enlist the help of a friend or family member, the day before you're due to move so they're a) not under your feet during moving day & b) they're in a safe place & one less thing to worry about. 


It's impossible to plan for EVERY eventuality when it comes to moving house, but as long as you're organised enough & have good, helpful people around you on the day, you should be fine & it will all be worth it in the end.